Here lived the Lombardo family, great sculptors and architects of the early Venetian Renaissance, like the sculptor Bartolomeo Bon, here lived and worked Paolo Caliari known as Veronese, here was one of the workshops of Titian and here was born one of the most eccentric personalities of the 18th century: Giacomo Casanova, not only seducer and adventurer, as he is usually labeled, but also cultured and refined man, writer, poet, diplomatic alchemist, philosopher and even … secret agent and here, naturally thanks to the presence of Palazzo Grassi, you can feel the “modernity” manifested by the exhibitions on new trends in contemporary art.

We have therefore dedicated the rooms to a moment of Venetian Art or to an Artist who has left a mark in Venice, and we have created them not only simply mentioning the name but also recreating the different atmospheres with the decorations and furnishings, of the reporting period.